Sun Cellular, the Good Choice in Postpaid

I really would love to try to have a post paid line from a reputable network that will give me better service and better value for my money. That’s what I have in mind lately. I want to have a post paid line that will give me balanced calls and texts service. Getting a post paid line is now made easier and more affordable by Sun Cellular. Good thing I found this deal at Sun Cellular. Now they are offering Plan 600 and Plan 999. I studied both the plans and for me they’re both excellent choices. Sun Cellular offers the slimmest phones from Sun Post paid. Sun Plan 600 offers Alcatel idol, the lightest phone from alcatel. It has a 4.7 touch screen, Android V 4.1, 3g, wifi hotspot, 8 MP camera, expandable memory, plus it’s dual core. The plan 600 offers unlimited sun calls and texts plus 250 pesos consumable and 350 texts to other networks. The plan 999 on the other hand offers Alcatel idol ultra, the thinnest phone from Alcatel. It is a 6.45 mm ULTRA THIN phone with a 4.65 Touch screen, Android v 4.1 ,3g, wifi hotspot , dual core and 8 MP Camera .What I like most about this plan is that it has unlimited mobile internet, unlimited sun texts and 4 hours Sun call. What more can I ask for? Now, I can’t wait until I get to the nearest Sun Cellular Shop! I’m so excited! This will be perfect for me because I can bring work anywhere with me with this kind of plan from Sun Cellular!