Flying saucer Snackbox


An easy to make sealed sandwich using cream cheese and brown bread..

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Dinosaur BENTO


Hi! This is a large herbivore from the Jurassic period, Stegosaurus.My kids are crazy about dinosaurs.
To make the Stegosaurus, you will need rice and nori for the head.
Beef Torta and cucumber for the body.

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The search for the country’s very first “Cucina Idol”

I can almost feel how the finalists of the first Cucina Idol Cook Off felt that Saturday afternoon. I was once a finalist in a culinary competition too, two years ago. And all the memories came back, one by one.The heat, the tension, time pressure, worries and fear about the outcome of the dish that I was cooking, and the adrenalin rush. I can only empathize with them that day and I remember hearing one of the contenders of the first Cucina Idol saying these lines nervously during her interview. “Cooking is really my passion. I put my heart and soul in cooking .” The competitors banked on their culinary skills and talents in the kitchen as they battled in the most exciting culinary cooking competition to date, the “Cucina Idol”.Cucina Idol’s objective is to bring home the honor and prestige of being the very first Cusina Idol Champion, and a true kitchen idol.



A total of 7 finalists battled out in the cook off held last Saturday, March 16, 2013 at the GalaStars Culinary Studio of the renowned Chef Sylvia Reynoso Gala in Pasig City. Each finalist cooked one chicken and one seafood dish which they prepared on site.They were all given one hour to cook and present their dishes to the judges. The finalists used Melawares, Perfect Dining, Bestware, Urban Kitchen, Rosseto and Loveramics products in the final plating of their dishes.


Prior to selection, the finalists all went through a rigorous screening process after a single receipt purchase of P500.00 worth of Melawares, Bestware, Perfect Dining, Urban Kitchen, Rosseto, Loveramics and Sodastream, or a combination of said brands. They then received and filled out a contest registration form and answered a few questions as to why they should be the next “Cusina Idol.”


The panel of judges consists of distinguished culinary masters and personalities in the industry, namely, Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, Chef Sylvia Reynoso Gala, Chef Jill Sandique, Chef Danny Dela Cuesta, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Superb Catch, Inc., (SeaKing), Jennifer Uy, and Vice President-Advertising Sales of Business Mirror Group of Publications, Marvin Estigoy.



The first “Cusina Idol” champion will get a total of P500,000 worth of kitchen showcase from Melawares, Bestware, Urban Kitchen, Perfect Dining, Urban Kitchen and Sodastream and will also be featured in a magazine and in the country’s top newspapers.


“We are quite excited with the holding of the ‘Cusina Idol’ cook off because this will give the finalists a chance to showcase their talents and skills when it comes to cooking, which can be a great asset in achieving their goals and charting their future careers in the culinary sector. It is also a chance for us and the public to witness our customers’ brand of culinary talent. Who knows? The next best and brightest star in the culinary world may come from these guys,” explains Charmaine Chua, General Manager of CDC Manufacturing Corporation, makers of popular tablewares brand Melawares and other quality tableware since 1969.
CDC Manufacturing Corporation

Mark Justin Tee, a 26 year old culinary student from Mandaluyong City brought home the bacon and was hailed the very first “Cucina Idol Champion” among all the seven finalists.


Congratulations Mark Justin Tee!

Congratulations Mark Justin Tee!


Sponsors of “Cusina Idol” organizer include Superb Catch, Inc., makers of the “Sea King” brand of seafood products, appliance brand Westinghouse, Uni-Fab Metal Industries, Inc. for the cook ranges, San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center and Magnolia, Business Mirror Group of Publications as media partner and GalaStars Culinary, which serves as official competition venue.


From a company that sourced its products through importation, CDC Manufacturing Corporation now carries 4 brands, namely, Melawares, the classic brand that carries high-quality melamine tableware products, Bestware, its affordable line of tableware products, Urban Kitchen, the company’s modern brand that carries food service products outside of melamine tableware, and Perfect Dining, the company’s exclusive brand for the SM chain that carries high-end melamine products, on top of being the leading manufacturer of customized dinnerware for Quick Service Restaurants serving the biggest names in the food industry.


Visit for more information.

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Mega Creations Premium Sardines Unveils the Secret Ingredient to Everyday Meals Made Special

582586_427915717287926_1208315733_n1Cooking for your loved ones? How good can that be? Did you know that you can actually make special gourmet dishes using easy to find, simple ingredients that is commonly found in our kitchen? Yes it’s possible! That was the challenge that Chef Greg Villalon faced during the launch of the Mega Creations Premium Sardines held at the Pisces Room Culinary Studio of the Manila Diamond Hotel last Thursday , March 21, 2013. Everybody in the Culinary Room observed closely as Chef Greg showed us his expertise in preparing meals inspired by Mega Creations Premium Sardines.
These were the dishes that Chef Villalon prepared for all of us. We were all amazed when we tasted the dishes! They were all yummy!
Digital Recipe - Asian Style Sardine Sub Sandwich

Digital Recipe - Moroccan Sardine and Sweet Potato Casserole

Digital Recipe - Cilantro and Sardines Pesto Pasta

Mr. Rafael C. Lantin, the Marketing Director for all brands of MFC Global who has worked with MFC for 3 years said “We are launching the culinary identity of Mega Creations Premium Sardines.You see, as of now, the normal idea of people,of our consumers is- Sardines, pang ulam lang yan. We are opening their eyes as part of being innovative to culinary applications in Mega Creations Premium Sardines in Spanish Style and Natural Oil as part of our thrust of being the most innovative company in our industry.”

“Mega Creations Premium Sardines offers unparalleled freshness and flavor that Filipinos will rave about,” said Valerie Tan, brand manager for Mega Creations Premium Sardines. “Our products go through a stringent process from catching to canning, ensuring that all the natural goodness of the sea are locked in each can.”
Mega Creations Premium Sardines brings its delightful dishes to every home with “Everyday Creations,” an exciting new cooking show that teaches foodies how to whip up restaurant-worthy meals in minutes. Together with Chef Villalon, viewers can now learn how to make pesto pasta, fresh spring rolls, Greek pizzas, and more—all using the secret ingredient: Mega Creations Premium Sardines.

“Fresh ingredients and a bit of love is the secret to every successful dish,” said Chef Villalon. “With Mega Creations Premium Sardines, it has become so easy to whip up delectable dishes that will make ordinary meals extra special and surprise your friends and loved ones.”

“Food enthusiasts can now enjoy richer flavors with a gourmet twist, and use these simple ingredients to crate delightful meals they can share with loved ones,” said Tan.

Catch Everyday Creations, premiering on April 5 at 6:30 p.m. on The Lifestyle Network. Visit the My Everyday Creations page on Facebook ( for more unique and easy-to-make recipes. Be inspired and try cooking something special out of Mega Creations Premium Sardines for your family.

mega with rosebud
Everyday Creations is a new cooking show that will serve as an inspiration to all food enthusiasts. Join Chef Greg Villalon on his journey as he helps the people add some creativity to making their meals a little more special with Mega Creations Sardines. Watch the Pilot Episode on April 5, 6:30 pm at The Lifestyle Network and will be shown every Friday at 6:30 pm with replays on Sundays, 11:30am and Wednesdays at 6:00 pm.
Chef Greg Villalon

About the Mega Fishing Corporation
The Mega Fishing Corporation manufactures one of the Philippines’ top sardine brands, Mega Sardines. Its fishing component is equipped with state-of-the art sonar and fish finders, coupled with the competitive advantage of the Catching to Canning process. The MFC fishing fleet is instrumental in creating products of superior quality and value that starts with the preservation of the fish to ensure freshness.

For more information on Mega Creations Premium Sardines, please email Ms. Valerie Tan, Brand Manager of Mega Creations Premium Sardines at

Spicy Stir Fried Tofu and Snow Peas

Spicy Stir Fried Tofu and Snowpeas

Yes . It’s true that I lost 4 kilos in five weeks. And I am so happy about it because I have been trying really hard to keep up with my gym /workout schedule  at the same time take care of my kids , run different errands, church commitments ,retail selling on the side, and a lot more.  I believe that my desire to achieve my normal body weight(and of course to look good) gave me the motivation to exercise on a regular basis and prepare healthy meals  that I badly need to lose weight. I have been eating healthy since October 8, 2011.  Since then I have made it my passion to prepare healthy  but delicious meals. Who told you that eating healthy is boring and tasteless? Here’s one of my healthy and tasty meals that I have prepared. I enjoyed  the crunchiness of snow peas, and the sweet and spicy flavor of the dish paired with 1/3 cup of hot brown rice.

A healthy and delicious vegetarian recipe the whole family will enjoy. Try this at home!


2 cloves of garlic

1 small onion

1/4  tsp pepper

1 tbsp sesame oil

2 tbsp canola oil

1 tbsp sweet soysauce

250 grams of snowpeas

1 block of tofu (cut into cubes)

1/4 tsp chili garlic paste


Fry the tofu in a pan until golden brown and set aside.

Saute garlic onions tofu and add pepper chili garlic paste and sweet soysauce (you can use ordinary soysauce and just add sugar )

Add the snowpeas and stir fry.

Season with sesame oil and serve with hot rice.

Healthy Chicken Wrap

I made a delicious and healthy whole wheat tortilla chicken wrap for lunch loaded with cucumber, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. I used grilled chicken (marinated in sundried tomato pesto),a teaspoon of yoghurt and half a  teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese for the dressing.Ooops of course i didn’t forget to put some hot sauce – yes hot sauce! It has been scientifically tested, proven, and reported in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that it actually raises resting body temperature.Capsaicin, the active chemical in pepper stimulates a sensory receptor found in our neurons, creating thermogenesis- the process in which cells convert energy into heat.
Another side effect? An increase in metabolism! Want to grab a  bite of my healthy chicken wrap?