Say hello to naturally beautiful hair with VANIDERM SHAMPOO WITH GUGO & ALOE VERA

These days, you really can’t identify which shampoo is natural or organic. Most of the shampoo makers all over the world are claiming that their shampoo is natural and safe. How are we going to validate? Checking the ingredients of our favorite shampoo brand is really important. It’s not enough that a shampoo smells good, or your hair is instantly shinier and softer right after shower. What we’re actually trying to avoid is to expose our hair to different chemicals that could further damage our hair. Considering that up to 60 % of our daily hair and beauty care products get absorbed into our skin, chemical free shampoos are gaining its popularity especially for the savvy organic inclined consumers. Good thing, Vaniderm joins the Worldwide Movement to go Green. It is introducing a safe shampoo for the young.Vaniderm Gugo Shampoo and Aloe Vera.
As Vaniderm campaigns to start young in the care of our well being, and the care of our hair, Vaniderm recommends their shampoo and conditioner with natural protection.

Vaniderm Gugo Shampoo and Aloe Vera

Vaniderm Gugo Shampoo and Aloe Vera

Vaniderm Shampoo has a natural conditioner provided by Virgin Coconut Oil which makes the scalp healthy and prevents premature falling hair caused by chemicals. The main ingredient, Gugo Extract, is taken from the bark of a vine known to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. It also makes hair darker and shinier.
Entada Phaseoloides or simply Gugo has been used by our Filipino ancestors as their staple hair care regimen. They soak the Gugo in cold water for an hour, squeeze the juice out of the Gugo barks and then use it as their shampoo. Saponin is the most active ingredient of Gugo. It has the natural property of preventing dandruff and curing eczema. If you also want to prevent hair fall, strengthen your hair and increase hair volume, Gugo is the answer to your needs.
Vaniderm Shampoo with Gugo and Aloe Vera is an all natural formula that is free from harmful ingredients. The lesser chemical, the better.
Aloe Vera, another natural ingredient of Vaniderm Shampoo, revitalizes and strengthens hair, thus, promoting thickening of the hair and prevents split ends. The gel-like substance of the aloe barbadensis leaf gives it a similar chemical composition of keratin, the naturally occurring protein in hair cells.

Aside from promoting a healthy lifestyle and the use of an all natural product, Vaniderm also reminds the teens to always check the label of the products that contain harmful chemicals.I really enjoyed using Vaniderm Gugo Shampoo and Aloe Vera It smells really nice and it still managed to clean my hair without stripping off my hairs natural oils. That’s what you call peace of mind. Yes, peace of mind in a shampoo bottle, knowing that you’re using an all natural hair product and knowing that your hair and your overall health is safe without the nasty chemicals that ordinary and commercially available shampoos offer.
Vaniderm Gugo shampoo and Aloe Vera
is available in all Mercury Drugstores nationwide.
It is available in two sizes–100ml = ₱198.00 and 248ml = ₱348.00.
Call (02) 9117854 for availability at a branch near you.